Your Designer

Rivkah Walton, MFA

So…what’s important? Probably not my credentials (though I’ll provide them below, if you’re curious). What’s important is my relationship with my clients, the way I —

ask good questions

listen “below the surface”

pay close attention to detail

hold the overview

encourage you to “think like your viewer”

utilize intuitive design principles

support you to provide the best text and images to “make your mark”

find creative solutions (no two alike!)

seek the best presentation for your needs

work realistically within your budget

set mutually workable benchmarks and deadlines.

I love this work – the relationships with my clients, the creative design process – and even the technical “growing edge.” It is the confluence of a lifetime of interests, education, and experience –

Certificate in Digital Media for Print + Web from Moore College of Art,

BA in Psychology from a small residential college that crossed traditional disciplinary boundaries,

MFA from Tyler School of Art,

Advance study in sculpture with Stuart Mark Feldman

…and a career in small, underfunded start-ups and non-profits, where every skill, creative solution, and cost-savings innovation counts!

If you think we might work well together, please contact me for an initial conversation. I look forward to meeting you.