Why Intuitive Design?

Intuitive Design works because your audience…

can instantly discern where to find what they are seeking;

will unconsciously sense that you understand them and their needs;

and therefore feel taken care of.


Intuitive Design inspires…





Intuitive Design uses…

hierarchies of information – the most important stands out,

the principle that “less is more,

attention to detail,

conventions that tell the viewer where to look for what,

quickly recognized icons or images,

color schemes, textures, and images that set the mood,

design principles that guide the eye,

white space that allows the eye to rest,

asymmetry to create a sense of dynamism; symmetry to create a sense of stability.



As an Intuitive Designer, I think of my job as like that of an acrobat — to make the almost-impossible look easy!

Rivkah Walton’s exquisite design sense, along with her thoughtful attention to words, have made her my go-to graphics consultant for many years. Adding to these considerable gifts, she now brings me her skills as a web designer and developer–I am thrilled to be working with Rivkah on a new iteration of my website.

Susan Windle